Finques Albert® is a family business which has been renting HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION AT CALAFELL BEACH since 1970.

The developments which have affected the sector have obliged us to make considerable efforts to bring our services up to date and offer COMFORTABLE HOLIDAYS to our current and future clients.

You may contact us safe in the knowledge that you will be well attended to and are very likely to find the accommodation that you need, whether it be HIGH COMFORT, WITH SWIMMING POOL, GARAGE, RECREATION AREA, etc, or something SIMPLER, always guaranteeing the quality that people expect nowadays for their all-important HOLIDAYS.

We offer a variety of rental prices, depending on the apartment that you choose and your needs or budget. We will almost certainly be able to resolve all these issues at Finques Albert®. Contact us and we will be very pleased to help you with absolute professionalism, discretion and thoroughness and without any obligation on your part.

Ethics and professionalism
Esther Tàpias-Núria Tapias

We are members of the Association of REAL ESTATE AGENTS.